[Trans] 130722-130723 Post of JYJ Tweets

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Seems to be reading a lot these days, bored bb?
(Jaejoong, 12:56am KST) Confidence isn’t something that suddenly appears one day when you grit your teeth and make a decision. It’s something that comes naturally when you strengthen the capacities of your inner self. The strange thing is, the more you strengthen your inner self, the more confident you become, and the softer and humbler you become as well.
Go Do Won “Morning Letter”

You and your strange taste :P 
(Jaejoong, 6:25pm KST, English Tweet) BBopBBo (T/N: 뽀뽀 means ‘Kisses’ in Korean)pic.twitter.com/tWvCcZ9WS6
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Yeah, I think everyone’s kinda wishing for that in Korea right now
(Jaejoong, 8:18pm KST) Rain, please stop falling down on us~pic.twitter.com/77220Cbs9d
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